Even though our company was founded as recently as 2022, as a collective, we have 12 years of experience in the sector. Our co-founder, Martin Štrica, has been working in the development of energy projects since 2010.

At that time, energy was subsidized in the EU, which enabled him to build several photovoltaic parks in Slovakia and abroad.

In 2013, those subsidies stopped, and the construction of photovoltaic power plants slowed down. Then, the Ukraine crisis in 2022 was the catalyst for a sharp increase in energy prices, which created new opportunities for the development of these plants.



Our focus is on the development of photovoltaic power plants abroad, where we want to use the most modern technologies and procedures to be able to offer our customers both high quality and competitive services.

We focus on the development of photovoltaic power plants primarily in countries with a high level of solar radiation (see map).


  • The legislative environment in the countries we have chosen is stable and provides enough security for investors, as evidenced by the presence of such international banks as Erste, UniCredit, and Raiffeisen

  • The production of photovoltaic power plants in these countries is above standard compared with other markets in the EU

  • In addition to increased production within photovoltaic parks, these countries also provide us with a sufficiently large amount of development opportunities


Our goal is to build and manage a total portfolio of 250 MWp in these countries, overseeing both the development of photovoltaic power plants, and their actual operation once built.

We are currently actively looking for land and obtaining network connections and all the necessary permits to bring these projects to the RTB (Ready-to-Build) stage.

As a company, we are already involved in several projects that have already obtained land and the necessary municipality consents for construction.



We are already operating in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia and have created development teams, enabling us to have better control over individual projects in these countries.

Our company has developed a strategic plan to react to any changes in legislation, natural disasters, political issues, and fluctuations in energy prices on the market.

Even though the construction prices of photovoltaic power plants are falling, maintenance is simple, and the technology is stable. Thanks to this, photovoltaics is becoming an increasingly attractive investment.

One of the main factors in favor of photovoltaics is easy maintenance. Photovoltaic panels require minimal care – you just need to clean them regularly and keep their surroundings in a good condition.

In addition, photovoltaic technology is exceptionally stable and weather resistant. Because of this, typical warranties are around 25 years, demonstrating that photovoltaics is a reliable, long-term investment with returns to investors typically coming within 7 years.